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Habraken Machines

Habraken machines, known as HM machines are among its own product line of Habraken. Habraken has extensive experience with industrial sewing machines. It happens that the “standard” solutions Dürkopp Adler, Mitsubishi or other manufacturers connect insufficient for your needs.

The HM801 is a workstation for straight seams, wherein the workpiece is positioned in a template and is transported. The HM802 is also for straight seams, however, the workpiece is guided directly by conveyor belts through the seam. The HM803 is based on a Mitsubishi PLK-G 1010 computerized sewing machine. The standard machine has a sewing range of 10x10cm (X / Y). The system is extended with a conveyor belt through which the X range is actually unlimited. we have developed the HM814 for the automotive industry. To meet the stringent requirements, for example in the field of product liability, this machine is used to monitor and document the production of airbag seams, for example seat covers.

Why choose a Habraken machine?

Our own development department is often able to adjust or to develop equipment in order to bridge the gap between “standard” and “custom”. Some of these developments have led to its own set of special machines. These machines are used in decorative sewing, quality control and efficient production.

Why choose Habraken

  • 40 years experience

  • Innovative R&D department

  • Own brand: HM machines

  • Export to more than 40 countries

  • Showroom with the most modern machines

  • Large stock, short delivery times

  • Parts warehouse with over 15,000 parts

  • Rapid on-site support with 10 technicians of field staff