The HM801 will enhance medium duty sewing machines with a template transport system that allows accurate positioning and perfect straight sewing. Like all HM modifications, you’ll find a “standard” high quality sewing machine and controller capable of delivering the required seam. Both chain stitch or lock stitch machines can be used in different needle and arm length configurations. A common feature of the HM801 system is to add an indexer. This system allows to program multiple parallel seams, either by hand or fully automated by a second servo drive combination. The operator has to put the right piece into the right fixture after which the HM801 will take over the whole process. This allows sewing technicians to focus on seam quality issues rather than studying difficult operation issues. Some machines can have detachable needle bars to combine 1 and 2 needle operations. To monitor quality, (bobbin) thread monitors can be used. Feel free to challenge us with your straight line requirements.


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