Habraken distinguishes itself with its own Research and Development department. Sewing machines are already very widely used. Yet we are convinced that even sewing machines could be used a lot more. A professional sewing machine makes it possible to create various unique joinings between separate materials. The seam itself provides the visual confirmation that different parts are precisely connected.

(sewn) Joinings are completely sustainable. When we consider sewing machines as an alternative connection method, one conclusion we can definitely draw is that it belongs to the most environmental friendly ways of connecting.
The sewing machine has a long history. We can offer creative solutions to our customers, by combining our knowledge with the newest industrial developments.

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Why choose Habraken

  • 40 years experience

  • Innovative R&D department

  • Own brand: HM machines

  • Export to more than 40 countries

  • Showroom with the most modern machines

  • Large stock, short delivery times

  • Parts warehouse with over 15,000 parts

  • Rapid on-site support with 10 technicians of field staff