HM820 (X-stitch)

Industrial sewing takes a big step forward with the HM820 and its revolutionary independently rotating needle rod. The HM820 combines all the advantages of the M-type column-style, triple transportation machine with state-of-the-art technology from Habraken. The HM820 is a machine for sewing decorative / ornamental stitching in the automotive and furniture upholstery, but can also be used for leather goods and / or other materials where triple transport machines are needed.

The HM820 is based on the M-Type 2-needle machine series of Dürkopp Adler. The robust design maintains all aspects of the proven M-type transport mechanism, which is known for delivering excellent performance. Dedicated high-speed electronics ensures safe and reliable operation. Both the control of the needle bar and transport fully adapt to the speed and type of decorative stitching what you have chosen. This speed is variable from 400 stitches per minute up to 800 per minute for normal sewing.


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