HM 835


Machine with braid system for creating design or technical seams

This machine with braiding system provides a wide scale of new possibilities to create special design seems on all sorts of products. Also technical applications such as applying a heating wire thread are possible with this machine.

The Braiding system has 2 movable arms that make it possible to braid al sorts of threads in between the stitches. Designs can be made with one or two braid threads in combination with one or two needle seams.

The machine can be supplied with the HM120 touch screen operating-screen that will have a variety of pre-programmed braid designs. Next to that it is possible to create your own design braiding program via our free available software

Selecting of designs via HM120 MMI touch screen operating panel is easy because the choice can be simply made by touching the icon of the chosen program.

The HM835 can be supplied with almost all M-Type machines from Dürkopp Adler such as Flatbed, post bed, and cylinder-arm machines in single and double needle version.


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