When binding operations get more challenging and customers get more demanding, conventional binding machines just don’t do the trick. Turn to Habraken for the solution and take the next step in mechanically driven binding.

The HM830 triple transport binding machine is based on a completely new design. This model is unique because the differential binder mechanism does not fill the right-hook area. This allows us to build the HM830 with the hook on the right side of the needle. This tackles and solves all the disadvantages of the more conventional left-hook models. The benefits of this design includes low-tension sewing, and better overall seam quality due to the natural kinematics of the machine. You no longer need an S-twisted top thread.

Based on Dürkopp Adler’s M-type flat-bed machine range, the HM830 can be delivered both as a single-and double needle version with an XL or XXL hook system.


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