HM866 (heavy duty zickzack)

Heavy duty programmable zigzag machine with a zigzag width up to 15mm. Based on Dürkopp Adler 967 with integrated direct drive.The zigzag mechanism of this HM866 is servomotor driven. The HM866 has the big advantage of a top feed transport, which is unique for a zigzag machine in this class! Due to the top feed system,  it is not always necessary to equip the machine with the optional mechanical driven top and bottom puller. The HM866 has an optional special needle cooling system that is connected to the needle frame which ensures an optimal needle cooling.

Depending on the choses subclass the HM866 has the following technical characteristics, among others:

  • Bottom feed and alternating top feed
  • Electro pneumatic seam back tacking
  • Sewing foot lift
  • Quick stroke adjustment
  • Integrated sewing drive incl. DAC classic control box
  • Electronic Needle Positioning (Jog-Dial)
  • XL barrel hook
  • Motor driven bobbin winder
  • Adjustable zigzag width up to 15mm
  • Adjustable sewing foot stroke up to 12mm
  • Sewing foot lift in high needle position 30mm
  • Stitch length up to 10mm
  • Maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches/min


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