HM 814 (seam documentation system)

HM814 Delta Sewco
The latest development in the field of our
HM814 workstation for documented seams
is the HM814 Delta Sewco. This workstation
combines the state of the art technology and
the flexibility of the Dürkopp Adler M-Type
Delta with the features of SEWCO, the
newly developed documentation software
by Habraken.
For more information, please contact:
tel: +31416276919, email:
or website:
SEWCO enables the full use of all setting possibilities
offered on the M-Type DELTA. Sewing parameters like
thread tension, stitch length, sewing speed, foot pressure,
back-tack settings and many more, can be set for every
product individually.
Every production cycle can be split up into as much as
16 sections. For every section, sewing parameters can be
set individually, which makes the system highly flexible and
suitable for various documentation processes


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