Dürkopp Adler 868-290322 post bed machine

Used Twin needle lockstitch postbed machine with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet, electromagnetic threat trimmer, integrated 2nd stitch length, electropneumatic seam back-tacking and sewing foot lift. Electropneumatic quick stroke adjustment, integrated sewing light(LED)

With large XL two piece hooks(bobbin 26mm), safety clutch, adjustable sewing foot stroke up to 9mm with automatic speed adaptation, sewing foot lift in high needle position 20mm. Key combination for intermittent back tacking, back tack suppression, needle position high/low and 2nd stitch. Max. stitch length 9mm. Max. Sewing speed 2.500Stitches/min

Assembled on a manually adjustable stand with table top 120x60cm equipped with Efka Motor with control box and control panel. Needle distance on request.